Thursday, November 3, 2011


FOOT CARE.... some good tips.

Our total body weight rests on both of our feet from dawn to dusk. It is both of these feet that carries us around the whole day long, including up and down stair cases, and wherever we need to be. In life, we give our face and hairstyles all the attention that it needs from us and draws from others. The feet however remain neglected until they ache, hurt or in pain. Note how people react when their feet hurts or is tired?

To remain active, comfortable and perhaps without any expression of pain, we must take care of our feet. Feet do get crushed in tight shoes, old socks rub hard on the soles of the feet, worn out shoes give imbalance to the feet and uneven weight distribution and so on.the attention of others that it seeks. The feet remain neglected.

For some people, walking is a painful activity, for even short distances. plenty of people live with cracked heels as well. Is foot care easy? Is foot care simple? Is foot care really necessary?

The following simple suggested steps would help us look after our "long forgotten" feet. Looking after is as important as giving the feet its due turn to "rest and relax' as well.

(1) The sole of our feet should be kept soft and supple, even as we get older. Learn to keep calluses under control. An abrasive foot scrub will help remove dead and rough skin from below the feet. What is not removed becomes hard and will crack, before getting infected and making the act of walking painful and difficult.

(2) Have you ever given your feet a good foot bath? Into a basin or shallow pail with warm water, place a cup of marbles and then role the entire bottom of your feet from back of the heel to the toes. Keep rolling both feet on the marbles and stimulate the nerve endings that are spread all over your feet bottom. Use your toes to pick marbles and then let them go into the water. This enables arches, muscles and your feet at large to stretch and to exercise. Do this once a week. Give your feet a nice and warm palm massage.

(3) The skin on the soles of your feet have no oil glands to keep them soft and supple. Use a good moisturizer daily. Every night, apply a generous amount of moisturizer to both your feet, rub into the bottom of your feet as well as other parts of the feet. Sleep both your feet on a raised pillow. They need rest too. A pair of socks to keep toes and feet warm would help as well.

(4) Buy shoes after measuring your feet. Stand up while feet is being measured. With age, body weight and pressure, pregnancy, overweight etc, feet shape and measure changes . A little bigger fit helps to accommodate expanding feet. Have several pairs of shoes and do replace them every 6 to 9 months or so, especially the daily used pairs. Worn out shoes, strain the feet and this leads to both legs and back fatique plus body discomfort.

Saturday, October 29, 2011


Get Rid of Flabby Buttocks

FLABBY BUTTOCKS can show up on anyone at any time, with or without warning. When we stop exercises, or some form of work out regimes on the buttocks segment, we easily begin to notice a "protruding" or "bouncing" prominence that makes a ugly difference.

Or there are times when the undergarments cling real tight, when pulled on . So what would one need to work on his or her buttocks and trim to shape.
Does weight training. Start doing workouts. Gyms do help. Start with squats. Include workouts the involve the entire torso below the waist. Side lunges, front lunges, hamstring curls, leg press, side kicks, front kicks, back kicks, dead lifts and stair climbing will strengthen your behind in no time! Do 15 to 20 repetitions and 3-5 sets of the weight exercises. You should do as many as you can tolerate of the kicks and stairs. Remember, to start without straining yourself. Gradually build up the repetitions. If you need to, ensure your medical fitness with your doctor. Gradually work to a point of being very uncomfortable with the weight or movement, but you should not put yourself into pain or strain.
  1. (3) Do some cardiovascular exercise. Even the most muscular butt in the world will not show if there is a layer of fat over it. To actually see the results of an improved buttocks presentation, you need to burn calories by doing 30-60 minutes of cardio exercise 3-5 times a week.
  2. (4) Get rest. Your 7-8 hours of sleep every night is necessary to "recover" and rejuvenate your muscles for the next day's exercises and workout.
  3. (5) As mentioned earlier a visit to your physician helps. Include a dietician as well.It is best to check both physical fitness and confirm healthy eating advice.

Monday, October 10, 2011


Why do some people have a DOUBLE CHIN?

Three factors could possibly contribute to double chin: body fat, anatomy and age. However, the major cause for this problem is simple fat deposition - the tissue under the chin collects fat. The reason for this is lack of exercise. The way you hold your head matters. Head positioning when seated or standing and in daily life, leads to the muscles becoming flabby and withered. Without exercise, fat deposits under the chin.

However, it is just not only fat people who have double chins, even the thin and the slim people get them, typically due to the shape of the jaw and throat.

Age is also a contributor to this issue. As skin begins to loosen elasticity, double chin may result. It is not a life-threatening issue about having a fatty double chin. It is just a symptom of obesity. It is no major problem by itself.

Fat chins and double chins are considered unattractive and women do not like it at all. Try the following tips in order to try and rid double chin.

- Attempt to loose ten or even 15 pounds. Exercise. Do stretches. Sweat your fat away. As always advised, before commencing loss of weight via exercises and food intake, seek advice from your doctor. One must be fit to exercise (though we all exercise to be fit). Do regular fitness exercise.

- Eat diet high in fiber. Revert to green, vegetables and fruits. Missing meals do not help, but regulated meals help. Eat less fat.

- Use a skin toner every day in order to help the skin remain firm.

- Exercise your mouth and jaw. Stretch wide open your mouth wide and feel the taught at jaw joints. Push your lower jaw forward and then upwards so your bottom teeth extend over the top of your upper lip. Do this several times and repeat three to four times or more daily.

- Slap the underneath of your chin with the back of your hand. Do this as many times daily, for a few minutes each time, few times every day.

- Why draw attention to your double chin. Keep you hair short. Why let its length stop where your double chin begins.

Hope thabove suggestions help before you choose to go for surgery.

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